Other MSPs approach vs. Protected Harbor Customer-centric approach

by Imdad
Other MSPs approach vs Protected Harbor

The introduction of the internet created new opportunities and moved the IT sector in new directions. A need for problem solvers has emerged due to the expanding internet user population and associated difficulties. Value-added resellers (VAR) and managed service providers (MSP), among other IT solution providers, were involved. They provided the sector with their products and services, including infrastructure management and cloud servers. A vendor who offers solutions to all of your IT demands is known as a solution provider. These MSPs battled not only to get business from small and mid-sized businesses but also to meet all of their clients’ needs with affordable solutions. Click here to learn more about MSPs, VARs, and other IT solution providers.

What do they have in common?

They have increased the range of potential IT solution options after increasing cloud computing in the IT industry. Today’s solution providers provide on-demand services including desktop as a service (DaaS), software as a service (SaaS), and infrastructure as a service (IAAS). The cloud service provider either develops and maintains its own cloud services or suggests (resells) the offerings of a public cloud provider like Amazon Web Services or Microsoft Azure.

An IT solution provider, a value-added reseller, or a managed service provider all offer the same thing under the guise of a solution: they merely resell software, services, and pre-bundled packages. For instance, they will give you the antivirus of any XYZ business if your PC is infected by viruses. Upon putting it into place on your machine,  if the product key is not working or you suffer from data loss, the solution provider is not responsible. The same applies to most MSPs as they resell the cloud and infrastructure management services from a public cloud provider. If you face a technical issue, the provider plays the middle man forwarding your concerns to the original service provider while you are rendered helpless. These are not managed security services by any means as they lack the infrastructure to solve or eliminate any potential threats by themselves and rely on the end-managed services network.

These solution providers and MSPs are just selling pre-bundled package solutions designed to attract most consumers and solve their percentage problems. The point to note is that no two clients are the same. Small-scale and mid-scale enterprises have their own set of requirements and issues. They switch to managed services companies as they are the most efficient options in the market compared to setting up your own data center infrastructure management (DCIM). Conclusively, the IT managed service companies follow the product-centric approach to design a product and sell it to as many people as possible rather than the customer-centric approach to design a specific product for one particular client.

Protected Harbor’s customer-centric approach. How is it different?

While serving the clients, we use a seamless 360-degree approach, and the procedure is essential to the ethos of our brand. Protected Harbor’s competitive advantage is that it is highly customer-centric, putting the needs of each individual client first and developing a strategy to give the best experience possible.
We keep clients at the center of our business strategy and create a great experience at every stage of the customer’s journey since we are one of the top-managed security service providers.

To reduce expenses, redundancy, and security risks, Protected Harbor has its own hosted, in-house servers and networking hardware. Protected Harbor’s hardware investment is essential to giving the consumer a satisfying experience. This gives us more authority over safety and security with the flexibility to design and deliver services as per demand. We take pride and accountability for the security of the client’s data with exceptional infrastructure management. The issues are solved in-house rather than waiting for the third-party, public service provider to do so.

The technology improvement plan is another benchmark strategy followed by Protected Harbor. We listen to customers’ needs, assess what needs to be done, and design the system accordingly. It’s an ongoing development strategy that suggests the best possible steps to enhance the experience and elate the customers. Customer satisfaction is the core of our business, and we challenge ourselves to exceed expectations.

The choice is yours!

Since it’s no longer a secret as to how we do it and deliver industry-leading quality services, with a complete focus on customer satisfaction, we exceed the limits and expectations with our feature-rich cloud services, data center management, all-around IT support, and security 99.99% uptime with application outage avoidance (AOA). To move forward with a software reselling MSP or a dedicated customer-centric, IT-managed service provider. The choice is relatively simple.

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