What is the best IT solution: MSPs, VARs, or solution providers?

by Imdad
Best IT Solution Solution Providers VARs or MSPs

Acronyms like VARs, MSP, ASP, NSP, CSP, ISP, SAAS, and DAAS have definitely been introduced to you if you’re seeking for IT services for your company. To figure out which solution performs what and which solution is best for their firm, one virtually requires a CIA code-breaker. Even worse, other “wannabe” IT businesses make the same claims but fall short in practice.

IT solution providers, Value-Added Resellers (VARs), and Managed Service Providers (MSPs) offer a wide range of IT solutions, including cyber security, inventory management, and cloud services.

What Do They Offer?

IT solution vendors market specialized fixes for specialized issues. They give you access to an antivirus program in case your machine is infected. VARs, on the other hand, will sell you the same product together with additional software. For instance, VARS would provide a spam filter, backup service, and antivirus solution.

MSPs enable customers to lease software through the cloud. MSPs will also actively handle the problem for you, whereas IT solution providers and VARs will offer you software to resolve a problem. MSPs roll up their sleeves to manage the IT systems and infrastructure of a customer. Software applications and networks may be covered by security and regular maintenance.

It seems simple. Where’s the problem?

The majority of VARs and providers of IT solutions provide their clients with generic solutions. Pre-packaged solutions are made to appeal to the largest possible audience. Providers are compelled to promote comparable solutions and charge a markup because of supply contracts. On rare occasions, they might charge more for consulting or monitoring. These pre-bundled solutions appear the same to the client, but they are not the best option.

Where customer experience matters, IT solution providers and VARs sell software rather than services. They can all immediately address a customer’s concerns and wishes. An email response, however, is not a customer experience. An organization¬†should instead consider the objectives and needs of the client. The software that VARs and suppliers of IT solutions sell limits their ability to operate. As a result, they have finite customization to cover all of a customer’s needs. Such issues will leave customers with unresolved problems to be covered by other products for another cost. Or customers end up overpaying for functionality they don’t need because of a predetermined bundle.

This is where MSPs stand out. Thanks to the internet, MSPs can offer specific services and functionality, a-la-cart. They are not forced into particular solutions and offer actual customizations. Also, MSPs are in the service business. Their business model requires a long-standing relationship. The more problems customers have, the more problems MSPs have. Hence, it’s of utmost importance for MSPs to listen, evaluate, and tailor-make solutions to keep clients happy for as long as possible.

How It Should Be?

Providing the finest customer experience is crucial in the corporate world of today more than ever. Customers and service providers ought to connect on a personal level. And feel at ease entrusting the supplier with a crucial aspect of your business. The more comments you receive, the better your company can provide exceptional service. That’s all there is to it.

Avoid working with IT solution suppliers who won’t listen to your issues. A trustworthy managed service provider will create a unique plan that addresses all of your IT requirements. With the necessary antivirus software, you can prevent data loss and ransomware, for example. They will take care of everything from the beginning to the end and provide continuing assistance.

Consider a solution provider willing to spend time getting to know you and your business. A provider who asks questions and interviews you is more likely to design a lasting solution addressing your needs. The perfect IT solution will be tailored to suit your business, empowering you to fulfill and exceed your goals.

At Protected Harbor, we listen to our clients; we consider them our partners and are here to delight them. All of our Technology Improvement Plans (TIP) work on the 3A principle- Attend, Assess and Apply. We listen to customers’ problems, match them to our ability, and provide a solution explicitly crafted for them. This is how we have built long-term relationships with our customers.

With Protected Harbor, you can expect superior system performance and uptime. We specialize in remote desktops, data breach protection, secure servers, application outage avoidance, system monitoring, network firewalls, and cloud services. For quality IT solutions, contact Protected Harbor today.

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